Malcolm Robertson

Founding Partner

Malcolm Robertson was one of the two Scots who conceived the idea of Charlotte Street Partners over a glass (ok, maybe it was a couple) of single malt in London’s Charlotte Street Hotel, in the early part of 2013. Despite objecting to the term on the basis that he’s “not even anywhere near 50 yet”, Malcolm is nevertheless a veteran of the UK communications industry.

He served his apprenticeship more than 20 years ago at Beattie Media, which, at the time, was Scotland’s largest PR agency. From there he moved to BAA, the airports operator, where he spent 12 lively years on the frontline of some of the most high-profile political, regulatory and operational crises of that era. In 2011, Malcolm went it alone and spent two years managing a small strategic advisory business, representing clients in the banking and transport sectors, as well as advising a number of international private equity and infrastructure funds.

Malcolm is a member of Unicef’s Scottish advisory board and Chairs the Board of Trustees for The Hutchison Vale Foundation, a new charity established to promote youth sport and community in Edinburgh. He is also a non-executive director of the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) and Frame PR.